We guide more than 800 clients to transform uses and business processes
    • IT
      • Automate and orchestrate processes
      • Optimise the IT Service Model
      • Consolidate legacy systems to one single source of truth
    • Sales
      • Reduce response time bidding
      • Monitor production and consolidation of the dashboard

    • HR and Communication
      • Rethink resource allocation
      • Plan and manage the control of expense account
      • Create collaborative spaces for employees and clients
    • Finance
      • Collaboratively construct a budget with teams in real time
      • Implement an agile solution to track billing

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Our clients
  • Kiloutou
    This company has 300 rental agencies and 2,500 employees in France. Setting up collaborative tools increased employee productivity and satisfaction of workers in the field, as well as facilitated mobile synchronisation between colleagues.
  • Prisma Media
    Prisma Media is the second largest magazine publisher in France. In a month and a half, Devoteam G Cloud and Prisma Media DIS migrated its 1,400 user accounts. The focus was on communication, with demonstrations, questions via Google Drive forms, video conferences and training sessions.
  • Aperam
    Aperam is the world leader in stainless steel (previously part of ArcelorMittal). Thanks to the Google for Work solution, Aperam realised significant savings in its IT budget. Moreover, this company of 10,000 employees created a more unified organisation.
  • SelectourAfat
    Since the migration to Google Apps, Selectour has benefited from the speed and reliability of Gmail and increased storage through Drive. Agents can access all information in real-time, anytime, anywhere, on any device, which improves reactivity and client follow-up.
  • Nationwide
    Nationwide is the UK’s largest building society with assets of £190 billion and 15,000 employees. Devoteam helped Nationwide transform service by moving its service management to the cloud and consolidating its many service desks.
  • IC Group
    IC Group is a large danish apparel company, that run and develop five strong brands. Their new customer service solution enables them to have a high level of customer support, and their IT Service Management platform is now modern and up to date.
  • Cowi
    COWI needed assistance from a consultancy that had a very wide knowledge within ServiceNow, and found Devoteams expertise from high-level strategy to hands-on support fitting. COWI uses ServiceNow for different shared-services and processes and Devoteam support, develop and customize these solutions.
  • Nets
    With 2,600 employees and a 45% share of the Nordic card processing market, Nets handles billions of payment transactions for 260+ banks and several retailers. Devoteam helped Nets homogenise its IT Service Management solution across the business in order to overcome critical reporting issues while reducing ITSM costs by 15%.
Meet our experts
  • David Legrand
    Senior ServiceNow Consultant - Denmark
    I have my feet in the technology, my hands in the processes, my heart in the organization and my head in the strategy
  • Jean-Marc Chevereau
    IT Service Excellence Group Offer Director -
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