Jul 28, 2016
  • “Govern and control while freeing productivity​”

    On July 28th, Devoteam hosted 80 attendees in the superb Members’ Dining Room in the Palace of Westminster.
    During this event co-organised with ServiceNow focusing on Governance, Automation and Productivity, 6 speakers including two customer testimonials, shared the stage.As a summary, we propose to relive this rich and fruitful afternoon through livetweets #HocNow

  • "A common DNA between Devoteam and @servicenow" @SebChevrel on stage #HocNow
    "The magic triangle: perfect synergy between the vendor, the client and hopefully @devoteam" @SebChevrel #HocNow

    As an introduction, Sebastien Chevrel, COO of Devoteam Group, reminded us that one key to success is based on a strong partnership between the vendor and service provider as well as a trustful relationship with the customer.

  • "Experience is key" says @Chris_Pope_NOW. The @servicenow platform is a basis to all the lines of business #HocNow

    Chris Pope, Office of the CSO at ServiceNow, went back to the importance of the user experience. Today people work as they live.

    "We cannot allow any mistake when managing student exams" says James Swaffield from @RM_Results #HocNow

    First customer testimonial of the day, James Swaffield, Programme Manager at RM Results explained how ServiceNow helped automate and secure RM’s business processes against an absolute set of 100% SLAs.

    "43% corporations had a data breach in 2014. Do you have a plan?" @Chris_Pope_NOW @servicenow #HocNow
    "In case of massive cyber attack, can you recover? What is the cost?" @Chris_Pope_NOW @servicenow #GRC #HocNow

    Then Chris Pope went through the significance of having a risk and security policy and how to evaluate its maturity.

    Darrell Woods about @servicenow portals "You have to bring the best experience to maximise user adoption" #HocNow

    Before the break and the HocNow Go Live Cake, Darrell Woods from Devoteam presented a set of sample ServiceNow portals. A satisfying user experience is key in user adoption.

  • "You need to define the processes very well, not repeating what you did" @mti_simon @MTI_Technology #HocNow

    Second customer testimonial of the day was MTI Technology who manage 40,000 events per day thanks to ServiceNow.

    "As a conclusion, you can start your journey wherever you want. Technology is not the barrier" @DerekNutley #HocNow

    To finish the day, Derek Nutley, Country Manager at Devoteam UK delivered a wrap-up of the different sessions. What we have learned from the diversity of the keynotes is that you can start your ServiceNow journey from an IT perspective from any relevant business need.

    Technology is no longer the private turf of the IT department and today, 25% of the projects we deliver to our customers go beyond IT.